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Foreclosure and Short Sales

Going through foreclosure or even pre-foreclosure can be a frustrating ordeal and your path to the future depends on how you handle this situation in the present.  Many homeowners in foreclosure are reluctant to do anything in hopes that the whole situation will go away, but this will not happen.  As long as the lender is in business and the mortgage is still delinquent, they will continue to pursue you and ultimately take your home.  

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Here are some ways we can help:

  1. Stop the Foreclosure

  2. Prevent you from filing bankruptcy

  3. Protect your credit

  4. Relieve you from the obligation to pay back payments

  5. Get you money to start fresh and move on

  6. Relieve you from the obligation to pay taxes and insurance

Who We Are

Bright Star Property Group is a team of professional servants who are dedicated to helping distressed homeowners by providing information they need to keep their homes or provide an easy pathway to moving on and protecting their reputation and credit.  Bright Star Property Group was founded in 2018 by Letron Brantley who is a licensed real estate agent, investor, and foreclosure specialist and has been actively helping people resolve their real estate problems for years.  He is also a born native of the Carolinas and thoroughly understands the real estate laws for this area.

We Understand

We at Bright Star Property Group work with homeowners on identifying options to address their distressed situation.  There are several options available to homeowners who want to stay in their homes.  However, if the homeowner wishes to start fresh, there are ways to do that while being able to take advantage of any equity they may have in the home.  We analyze (free of charge)  the specific situation and provide options from which you, the homeowner, can choose.

What We Do

There are things that happen to us in our lives that we cannot control.  The loss of a job, divorce, or even the loss of a loved one.  These are situations that could affect ANYONE at ANYTIME, but that situation does not have to dictate what the future holds for you.  We would love to speak with you and evaluate your situation and see how we can help.  The consultation is free and there is no additional obligation to you.  Also, any information we give to you is yours to do with as you wish.  Remember that time is of the essence.  The longer you wait to address your issue, the more difficult it will be to help.  

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